This Comedy House Is Getting A TV Episode

Dude, Today 

Lance Bangs (Jackass, The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail & more) came to San Francisco and filmed a TV episode at Sylvan House. Currently thirteen of us reside here, and most of us performed! The show is called Flophouse, and it “…explores the underground circuit of young comedians living together in group houses, then throws a houseparty and standup comedy show.” You can see Moore Devine heavily featured in this trailer with their song, “I’m an Adult.”

The show will air on Vice’s new cable channel “Viceland” which will be taking over the channel currently occupied by H2 (History2). The Channel launches February 25th. If you find out when the show airs, you can probably catch all of us from the house at Milk Bar on 1840 Haight St in San Francisco waiting for our episode.

Come hang out!