Old Projects Can Come Back To Life

Dude, Today

I finally uploaded a short documentary I made on unrequited love. The “twist” or hook I guess, is that it’s about the unrequited love a 60-year-old woman had for my 25-year-old roommate. I started it in 2012 for a class on documentary film making. It was 11pm, & the next day I was supposed to propose my final project. I wandered upstairs where my roommate, Misha, played his voice mail on speaker phone, and it started with “your voice mailbox is full…” followed by messages exclusively from this older woman on the San Francisco comedy scene everyone called Sweet Gail. Those two minutes I showed in class became the 22min. short it is today.

I did a re-edit in 2013, which was terrible. Then I felt motivated again & did a couple re-edits in 2014. I knew it didn’t have polish, but I wanted to try my luck submitting it to festivals. I got the final rejection letter in March of this year, and I’ve been too lazy to upload it until now. I know the longer I wait, the less I’ll want people to see it, because I’ve come so far from what interested me in my early 20′s to now. The longer I wait, I know I’ll only feel more silly for what I made when I was younger than what I would have made today.

I know a handful of my friends, peers and acquaintances have wanted to see this for a while, and everyone who has seen it has been very kind, so here it is.

The Gail Force Of Love:

This was originally published in 2015. Since then the response has been complimentary.