Getting To The Third Anniversary Of Your Comedy Show

Dude, Today

It's only two more days until the three year anniversary of a show I run here in San Francisco. If you run a weekly show (no matter if it's a year or ten years), you know it is fun, and a challenge, and terrible whyamIhere?!!! sometimes.

The fun part for me has been (and I'd like it to be again) making posters for the show. Graphic design is fun:

The challenge can be making it fun for yourself, because if you're not having any fun, chances are most people there aren't either. Hosting is difficult because you don't get to hang out with everyone else. You get to have quick hellos between introducing people, checking the signup list, making sure the next person is there, and keeping people to their time. It might not be the most fun for you, but if comics are hanging out even after they've gone up, then you're doing an alright job. Audience is a bonus. So the focus is running the show, not hanging out. It might not be the most fun but watch peoples sets, and try to riff on it to bring people back if they need it. you are the grounding force for the night. If people say some crazy shit, call them out on it. If someone looks funny, tell everyone to give it up for Spinelli from the cartoon sow Recess as they get off the stage.

Spinelli from Recess.

Spinelli from Recess.

Maybe not the most original, but make it fun for yourself. Sometimes that might mean getting someone to guest host for you. Then you get to be a guest at your own mic! Pretty fun.

The only way worrying about any of that is possible is if the venue doesn't mind having the show, or better yet WANTS the show. That way you don't have to fight with anyone to have it every week. Having a bartender who's down is essential as well. Someone who complains the whole time even when you shout them out and check in on them is a real bummer.

This Wednesday, Sept. 6th is the three year anniversary of Safe Words. Crazy! We'll have some hot dogs, maybe some pizza, and the show is donation based. We're going to have a different show this time around, with as many of the past guest hosts as possible for a fast, fun time. Stop by the SF Eagle at 398 12th street for the happy hour comedy from 6-8pm.